GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

French and Paris champion at the age of 16

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave was born on 21st October, 1990 in Nogent-sur-Marne (France). He entered Mathematical University on October 2007. It was real challenge to compile the list of Maxime’s incredible accomplishments over the board. With the help of his father Patrick, we finally made it.


Maxime is Grand Master since February 27th 2005, at 14 years and 4 months. His norms were obtained in the following tournaments:

- Paris Championship 2004: Maxime ended 3rd with 6½ points from 9 rounds and a performance of 2703

- NAO GM Tournament 2004: Maxime won the tournament with 6.0/9 and got a performance of 2605

- GM Tournament of Evry: from 21st to 27th February 2005, Maxime finished second with 7½ and a performance of 2712

maxime vachier lagrav

Photo by Carla Amse

French Championships

- Montluçon 1997: at age of 6, Maxime is Champion of U-8 category, performance of 1643

- Romans-sur-Isère 1999: at the age of 8, Maxime is Champion of U-10 category

- Pau 2000: 9 years old Maxime is Champion of U-12 category

- Hyères 2002: 11 years old Maxime is Champion of U-16 category

- Grand-Bornand 2003: 12 years old Maxime is Vice-Champion of U-18 category

- Reims 2004: 13 years old Maxime is Champion of U-20 (juniors) category with a TPR of 2604. He got the title with 8 points out of 9 and played against 3 Masters during the tournament (2 points out of 3)

- Chartres 2005: Maxime ended 3rd at the Men French Championship with a TPR of 2660

- Besançon 2006 : Maxime finished 5th at the Men French Championship with 6 points out of 11 and a TPR of 2608

World Championships

- Oropesa del Mar(Spain) 2000: Maxime is 3rd in U-10 with 8½ points out of 11

- Oropesa-del-Mar (Spain) 2001: Maxime is 3rd in U-12 with 8 points out of 11

- Halkidiki (Greece) 2003: Maxime is second in the U-14 group with 9 points out of 11

- Belfort (France): Maxime finished 3rd in the U-16 group with 8½ out of 11

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 2

Photo by Patrick Vachier-Lagrave


Maxime has played in U16 team French championship since 1997. Here are some of his team results:

- U16 French championship 2004-2005: Maxime played at first board for NAO Chess Club and gained 7 points from 7 games. At the same time, NAO-CC earned the title

- U16 French championship 2005-2006: Maxime played at first board for NAO Chess Club and gained 7points from 7 games. At the same time, NAO-CC again earned the title

- Top 16 2005-2006: Maxime played for NAO team, who won the championship for the fourth time in a row. From 8 games played, Maxime gained 6½ points

Recent tournaments

- “Aeroflot” tournament, Moscow 2006: Maxime played the tournament A1, reserved for players having a rating superior to 2550. He gained 6 points out of 9 and finished 6th with a TPR of 2775

- Young Masters, Lausanne 2006: Maxime was invited to Lausanne Young Masters, where he was the youngest player. He won the tournament with a TPR of 2630

- Corus tournament B, Wijk aan Zee 2007: After having been on the top of the table in the middle of the tournament, with notably 5 wins in a row, Maxime had to suffer a difficult end. Nevertheless, he still finished 5th of the tournament (shared 2nd place) with 8 points out of 13

- Winner of 2007 Paris Championship with 7 points out of 9

- Winner of 2007 French Championship after beating GM Vladislav Tkachiev in tiebreak match. In the main tournament he collected 7.5 out of 11